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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 5, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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fit. >> if you're 51 years old, get out of the leather and make sure they fit. >> come on. >> don't do splits on stage. exactly. >> what have you learned? >> it's also along the kravitz line there's a whole new meaning to junk in the trunk. >> oh, my goodness. with that if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." the rundown is next. good wednesday morning, first on the rundown this morning, meet your top ten republican candidates for president. the debate stage is literally set for tomorrow night's first and highly anticipated gop debate. donald trump, taking center stage flanked by jeb bush and scott walker. two of the most vocal critic, lindsey graham and rick perry are out. saying he's not worried about donald trump. >> there's a diverse field, it's
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a young field, everyone brings a little something different to the table. it's going to be a great night. that's really what we did anticipate of our party. >> peter alexander is in cleveland ahead of the debate. good morning to you. >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. the contenders are convergeing on cleveland. donald trumps hopes it is civil. some left out are calling the election process preposterous. john kasich is in rick perry is out. a wall street journal reporter is noting across the five national polls used to make the selection decision what separated kasich from perry were the opinions of roughly 50 people. >> the stage is set for tomorrow night, front and center donald trump, pulling higher than the two closest competitors ss
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combined. mapping out his strategy overnight. >> i'm not looking to hurt anybody or embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies, i'll bring up deficiencies but certainly i'm not looking to do that. i'd rather go straight down the middle. you don't know what's going to happen. >> breathing a sigh of relief after barely making the cut, chris christie and john kasich appearing on his home turf in ohio. the bottom seven candidates shut out of prime time, relegated as what some described the happy hour debate. among them rick santorum blasting fox news and republican national committee for an incredibly flawed selection process, arguing they should not be picking winners and losers. also missing the cut, two republican rivals who have hit trump the hardest, rick perry -- >> donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism. >> and lindsey graham. >> stop being a jackass. >> reporter: jeb bush will be asked to clarify his position on
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women's health programs after he reiterated his claim to defund planted parenthood. >> i can promise you there will not be $500 million going to planned parenthood. >> reporter: late tuesday, hillary clinton pounced. >> got no problem giving billions to super wealthy and powerful corporations but i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. >> reporter: in a statement bush said he misspoke noting he favors providing critical women's health services but insisted federal money should not be spent on planned parenthood. >> reporter: also jeb bush's personal financial disclosure forms, he's not a billionaire like trump but estimates his net worth between 19 and $22 million. >> peter alexander in cleveland, thank you, sir. as republicans prepare for tomorrow night, one thing sure to come up is democratic front-runner hillary clinton. this morning clinton and her e-mails are back in the news. andrea mitchell is following a
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new fbi investigation. andre an andrea what can you tell us? >> reporter: there is more fallout over the private e-mail server. a government official confirms that the fbi is looking into how the system at hillary clinton's home was set up. as part of its investigation into how secure it was. this is in response to those two inspectors general who asked the justice department last month to look how classified information was handled. as first reported in today's "washington post," the private system was set up by a political staffer during the first run for the white house in 2008. it was later turned over to a private denver company after several system failures while clinton was secretary of state, including a failure during super storm sandy. the official told nbc news thsz an investigation of the system not of any person. in a statement the campaign said that clinton -- marked classified today.
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this has emerged as a campaign issue and could have contributed to that sharp decline in clinton's favorable ratings we see in her new poll in the nbc news wall street journal poll this week. >> thank you very much. and one final note on politics before we move on for a bit, it's pretty significant and new wmur poll bernie sanders within six points of hillary clinton. clinton at 42% and sanders with 36%. that's just within the poll's margin of error. vice president joe biden who still hasn't made a decision on a white house run, it's 5% support. martin o'malley and jim webb each poll at 1% in the granite state. in france this morning xperlts are due to analyze part of the boeing 777 wing found on the french island of reunion. it's a crucial day in the investigation of the malaysia flight mh 370 that disappeared
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last year. it veered offcourse when flying from kuala lumpur to beijing. bill, could we get an answer today or any day now on whether the part of the plane is indeed from the missing airplane? >> reporter: good morning, jose. today is very very unlikely. experts from malaysia and from france, and australia and officials from boeing the plane maker and personnel from china arrived over an hour ago. we assume the investigation has begun but we haven't been given confirmation of that. as you know, we know the aircraft part in here is from a boeing 777. the experts will try to answer two other questions, is it from mh 370 and can it tell us anything about why and how and where that plane crashed? the first one of those questions is the easier one to answer. they'll be looking at paint and they'll be looking for a serial number on that wing flap. we know there was one number on
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the wing flap 657 bb but that identified as a part from a boeing 777. they'll look for any other serial numbers or paint that could identify it. each airline uses its own specific paint and numbers. so can we pin this to malaysian airlines? the second big question much much harder to work out, they'll be using a machine that can magnify up to 100,000 times to look at the damage on that aircraft part to see if there are rips and tears that might indicate the speed that was going out and that might tell us is the fuselage largely intact or did the whole thing simply disintegrate on impact. one other piece of science, they'll look at the shells, the barnicles on the aircraft part and trying to work out the temperature and chemical composition of the water that the part came from to allow those shells to grow. that might pinpoint where the aircraft actually is. but one leading french expert
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told nbc news look don't expect miracles any time soon. we may sometime this week be able to answer first question was it mh-370. the rest will take a very long time probably not until those two black box flight recorders are discovered at the bottom of the indian ocean. >> bill talk to me about this lab or this institution. what does it do and what is it capable of doing? >> reporter: well it is the top scientific french lab in -- well in the whole of the country and in one of the top ones in europe. for example, it was here that the aircraft debris from the air france flight that was going between rio and paris crashed many years ago and they analyzed all of that debris here and came to some conclusions. so it is about a specialized as you can get. they have extremely
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sophisticated equipment like that imaginemagnetizer that can look at extremely detailed fashion at the debris. the experts here are about as good as you can get and the malaysians are in a sense deferring to the french. the first word we expect to hear from this is not from here but from paris later in the week. >> bill neely, thank you very much. we'll bring you the latest throughout "the rundown." this morning firefighters have made some progress against that explosive northern california wildfire, the so-called rocky fire is 20% contained. it's been burning for a week now. so far charred 57,000 acres, just one of more than 20 other major fires, raging across the state. take a look at this map. fires almost everywhere. let's go to joe fryer for the latest. we understand the number of destroyed buildings has gone up preently?
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>> >> reporter: that's right. the number of residences destroyed has gone up from 24 to 39. now, that's not because of new fire activity that's because crews were able to get into some burned out areas and get a better assessment of the damage. cooler weather is helping out. firefighters have been slowing the spread of the flames and the fire is 20% contained and temperatures are expected to rise today. this thing is behaving so erratically they are saying the fire -- that everyone is not safe until the fire is out. as the rocky fire rages on this morning, thousands of evacuees are waiting and worrying. >> you can see it falling all over there. oh, my god, that could be one of our homes. >> reporter: in the town of clear lake the parking lot of the moose lodged turn into an evacuation center filled with temporary homes. >> not everyone wants to sleep in a tent but you're not complaining? >> not at all. i'm grateful for my life and community and everything they've
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done for us. >> reporter: but not everyone is willing to flee. >> i just decided to stay. i don't want to leave my home. i'm too old to start over again. >> reporter: the fire's fury is clear in this time lapse video taken over the weekend by film maker jeff frost. >> it was like waves of fire just going over everything covering entire hillsides in seconds. and it was incredibly intense. >> reporter: two dozen major fires are burning in california right now but the one named rocky is putting up the biggest fight. >> we're not out of the woods on this yet. we've done a lot of good work but we've got a lot to go from here on out. >> the commander says he's worried about what's to come this fire season. typically a fire as big as this one doesn't happen until late august, september or even october. jose? >> joe fryer, thank you very much. we're just getting started on this wednesday edition. still ahead, arraignment for the
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man accused of gunning down a memphis police officer. the hunter who helped an american dentist track and kill cecil the lion goes to court and talks about the whole experience. hear what he has to say about shooting the lion. we're one year from the summer 2016 olympic games in rio dee jan dejanener ro. we'll go live to natalie morales in rio later on. that is going to be good television. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong.
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developing this hour in memphis, the suspect in saturday's police killing is due to be arraigned in 45 minutes. facing a first degree murder
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charge in the shooting death of bolton. wilbourne turned himself into marshalls on monday. his family is speaking out ahead of the arraignment. >> reporter: this is first time we're hearing from bolton's familiary since he was killed. as a marine his service in iraq and five years as a police officer here in memphis. i want to read to you. sean loved being a memphis cop. he with offers to leave the police force, he loved being on the streets of his hometown and wanted people to live peacefully within the community. his only concern was not the color of the skin of the person he was dealing with but rather whether or not they were committing a crime. sean was the first to run towards danger regardless of his personal safety. his uncle also spoke out
6:17 am
yesterday to a local tv station and here's what he had to say. >> we don't have to put up with it. we can offer prayer for all of these people. we can ask god to start blessing this nation again. he was killed for nothing, for a little dope charge. >> reporter: now, wilbourne is expected to appear individual via video. he could face the bolton family and contingent of angry police officers here expected today. >> thank you very much. we'll bring you the latest on the arraignment next hour. developing now more powerful testimony expected in little more than an hour in the colorado movie theater shooting trial. prosecutors will call more family members to give victim impact statements as part of the final step in the penalty phase for a convicted killer james holmes, they must decide if he gets life in prison or death
6:18 am
penalty. yesterday the mother of jessica gouee shared the grief she felt when she learned she had lost her daughter. >> i said brent, tell me she's okay. he said i tried and i said, oh, god, brent please tell me she's not dead. and i started screaming. and my husband ran out of the bedroom -- and this guttural sound was coming out of me. let's go to scott cohen. what's the reaction been like to this incredible emotional testimony? >> reporter: as you might imagine, it has been emotional. tears in the gallery, and tears in the jury box with one juror at one point sending a note to the judge asking for a break, which the judge granted.
6:19 am
a chilling moment as well sandy phillips, who we heard from a moment ago, staring down the defendant james holmes as our producer said if looks could kill holmes would be a dead man. holmes who normally looks straight ahead was seen looking down. as you also heard from sandy phillips, she learned about the shooting from a friend who was also in the theater and wounded. others had to wait longer. tom sullivan described frantically searching for his son. >> i ran over to the mass of media there holding up alex's picture and i said i can't find him. i said i don't know where he is. and i said would you please help me? and i said i think he was in the theater but if anybody knows, please have them call me. >> reporter: as many as nine more family members expected to testify today with closing arguments expected sometime tomorrow. still unresolved whether we will
6:20 am
hear from james holmes himself. jose? >> thank you very much. after the break, we're going to zoom through today's other top stories, including an appearance in court for the guide accused of helping the dentist kill cease cecil the lion. his vacation home vandalized yesterday. much more coming up next.
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he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. hunting guide in court, turkey's fight against isis and possible talks between haiti and the dominican republic. court date this morning for hunter accused of assisting an american dentist with the killing of cecil the lion in zimbabwe. accused of quote, failing to prevent an unlawful hunt. the hearing was ultimately postponed until late september. outside the court, he said he thinks the charges are out of line. >> terrible how it's been a
6:24 am
traumatic experience. and i wish it was over. absolutely. i regret shooting a lion never the intention. any other lion i don't think it would have been a problem. sincerely regret that yes. other than that i don't very any more comments. >> meanwhile a minnesota dentist who killed cecil walter palmer trusted the guides and believed all permits were in order. palmer's vacation home vandalized and palmer has not been charged with a crime. turkey's foreign minister says now that the u.s. arrived with air power and drones they are prepared to wage a battle
6:25 am
against isis. u.s. and turkey also working on plans to provide air cover for a group of trained syrian rebels along the border. the unrest over the brewing crisis in haiti and dmen can republic continues but now the organization of american states is calling for talks between the two countries. tensions continue rising over the dominican's plan to deport tens and thousands of mostly haitians living in the dominican republic. a new report the oas laid out several recommendations including that the group served as a mediator to talk and smooth relations between both countries. the haitian government agreed the dominican republic con tends it didn't ask for help from the oas. the presidential push on the iran nuclear deal continues and moves to american university later this morning. president obama is expected to make a comparison bold one when it comes to how crucial this piece of foreign policy is. i'll explain that plults the countdown officially on one
6:26 am
year to go until the 2016 summer olympics in rio, we'll check in with natalie morales. look at her. how are you? we can't open your mike apparently but i want you to know we love you and we'll be talking to you in seconds. there's two people -- >> reporter: i'm great. >> there's two people behind you with two umbrellas. >> this show is going to get better. ng kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. [music] do you like cougars? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding!
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oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing]
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to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful,
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i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. today marks one year until the start of the summer olympics in rio de janeiro brazil. to mark the occasion, meeting with brazil's president and the mayor. he told reporters yesterday that he believes rio's water quality will be satisfactory by the start of the games despite the reports that there's a ton of raw sewage all over the place. natalie is in rio today. tell me about the preparations
6:30 am
there for the games. >> reporter: hey, good morning, to you jose. before i get to talk about preparations i've got to show you the cutest thing, a little baby getting ready to dance with our samba dancers. she's ready for the olympics in rio, the country is ready and rio said they are putting on a confident front saying they are ready. the president of the ioc met with the president of brazil and talked about the preparedness and readiness and right now and mayor has said all systems are ago. everything is on track and on schedule. obviously there have been a lot of hurdles leading up to this olympics, a lot of challenges of course, infrastructure being one of them. crime being another. and you've heard the reports over water quality, tests here at some of the olympic venues. let me talk about the infrastructure and venues they are at least 50% if not more
6:31 am
than complete. they are on track. they seem to be on schedule. the mayor assures us by early next year most everything will be ready to go and some venues are already complete. the stadium, the legendary, the most famous soccer stadium, has been ready since the 1950 world cup and that's going to be where the opening and closing ceremonies take place and golf is making a return back to the olympics and out there we saw the greens completely planted and everything looking good. but there are still some venues that need a lot of work and now it is crunch time of course. the infrastructure with the met ro lines and bus transit lines, everything has been expanded to make the traffic situation much more easy here in the city. that is expected to happen by early next year. now meanwhile over here, when you're in rio, you have to have a samba party with samba babies right.
6:32 am
she wants to dance with me jose. [ speaking spanish ] >> we're having our party on the beach. >> this is why natalie morales is the best. you did this entire segment talking serious issues with a samba band three feet from you and get the dance in. love you, natalie morales, it's great to see you. >> reporter: see you, jose. >> great dancer. by the time the olympics roll around next year the u.s. still won't have elected a new president but the race is very much under way. jeb bush is on the defensive following a comment in nashville when he was asked about recent moves to try to defund planned parenthood. in an off the cuff moment he seemed to suggest women's health issues get too much money. >> the argument against this as well women's health issues are
6:33 am
going to be -- you're attacking it's a war on women and women's health issues. you could take dollar for dollar -- i'm not sure we need a half billion dollars for women's health issues but if you took dollar for dollar, there are many extraordinarily fine organizations, community health organizations that exist, federally sponsored community health organizations that provide quality care for women on a wide variety of issues. bumt but abortion should not be funded by the government, any government in my mind. >> opponents led by hillary clinton pounced almost immediately on what part of what he said. >> jeb bush said he's not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. i'm reading it because i want to quote it exactly. now he's got no problem giving billions of dollars away to super wealthy and powerful corporations, but i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. >> jeb bush later clarified his
6:34 am
remarks. he released a statement saying i misspoke and reiterated there are community health centers that need to be funded adding i was referring to the hard to fathom, $500 million in federal funding that goes to planned parenthood an organization that was callously participated in the unthinkable practice of selling fetal organs. with me now is jackie kucinich and keith of the "washington post." let me start with you, you follow the jeb campaign. how much of a problem is this and other statements that he said that can easily be taken out of context or in context and used against him? >> well i think that's the point. it can either be taken out of context or in context. this is more of a long-term problem for jeb bush should he become the republican nominee than a short-term problem in the midst of the republican campaign. i think the reason is why you saw hillary clinton respond so
6:35 am
forcefully and quickly yesterday. they see that as general election cat nip, the kind of stuff that can run in ads all next summer into the fall if he's the nominee, reminding women that this is a guy who has said, whether he meant it or not, that women's health isn't a priority should not be for the government. the fact that he cleaned it up as quekly as he did and tried to clarify, it is a sign they knew exactly what he walked into and trying to pull it back now. we'll see. does it come in the debate thursday night? does it suggest that among republican women his support softens? all of that remains to be seen. >> jackie jeb bush seems much more comfortable in a small venue doing one of his many town hall meetings with folks that are able to ask him any kind of question than he is in a prepared statement or in an organized event. how is this -- this is going to make a difference.
6:36 am
>> this is going to make a difference. i agree with that. this is a long-term problem for jeb bur. republicans and former republicans need women to vote for them this cycle and comments don't help. this is a campaign of course they will be used out of context. in terms of how jeb bush interacts with people he's pretty good on his feet usually, barring some of these gaffes but so i think that might serve him well going into the debate. some of these other candidates aren't good at answering questions off the cuff and jeb bush has shown for the most part he's good at that. >> there's also a headline reported by the "washington post" that the fbi is looking into the security of hillary clinton's e-mail setup. how troublesome is this headline? >> well that's an important distinction. the security of the servers, not the content of the e-mails. this is part of the ongoing investigation.
6:37 am
it comes after inspectors general raised red flags for the justice department and suggested this needed to be looked into. the clinton campaign says nothing has really changed. this is about the process, not about the content or the secretary herself. doesn't matter though. here we are talking about it. it continues to be a distraction for her. i think it's part of the reason you're seeing her support soften in places like new hampshire and it's the kind of thing that causes guys like joe biden to think about, should i get into this? so far she hasn't been able to pivot away from it partly why we saw her seize on jeb bush's comments and try to change the subject and focus the attention back on republicans instead of her ongoing troubles. >> there's another issue that has come up doesn't merit the same comparison of the issues we've been discussing so far. i'll tell you something, a lot of people have read about this and heard about it and kelly osbourne on "the view" saying who's going to clean your toilets if trump wins and who --
6:38 am
if he deports all of the latinos or gets rid of the latinos, who's going to clean the toilets? that's amazing. granted this is not a rhode's scholar talking on pbs, i mean -- >> that kind of dialogue is inappropriate and good thing she's not running for office. >> jose i would say if that were true you and i and natalie morales would have to stay home and there would be nobody to report the news. >> that's a good way to put it ed o'keefe gaut mall an-american thanks. thank you both for being with me this morning. now to the historic deal with iran meant to keep the country from getting a nuclear weapon. it's taken plenty of criticism, but president obama is doing all he can to make sure it doesn't fall apart. later this morning he'll speak at american university where he's expected to frame the iran debate as the most consequential
6:39 am
foreign policy fight since the start of the iraq war. on tuesday he sat down with jewish leaders for two hours. i'll talk to two men at the meeting rvegs the president of a proisrael advocacy group and robert wexler for the center for middle east peace. jeremy, what did the president tell the group? he said i made three commitments, one is iran is not going to get a nuclear weapon. two, i stand by the security of israel and three i'm going to achieve all that through this diplomatic arrangement, which is the best option for moving forward. so i thought it was a very convincing powerful passionate presentation making clear that there is no alternative. if you reject the deal we're on a track that leads to iran rushing towards a nuclear weapons program and possibly a bomb and could lead us on the road to military confrontation. it was a clear, passionate presentation. >> robtd, my understanding is both of you support the the deal
6:40 am
although i know there were other members at the meeting not been convinced. do you think he's done a good job, the president, in selling this? >> the president was me tick house in describing how a nation or this case iran would obtain a nuclear weapon through the plutonium process and uranium process. it will be filled with concrete and enrichment of uranium capacity of iran will be substantially reduced. he went in as jeremy said and explained the inspection process, which is unprecedented in terms of its ability to find out what iran is doing, which today we don't have. and it also the president's case showed what happens if the congress were to reject the deal and how these impressive sanctions, financial and economic, would begin to whither
6:41 am
away. that's why the president's negotiated agreement is the best option for america and for israel. >> and speaking of israel, benjamin netanyahu, here's part of what he had to say. >> the nuclear deal with iran doesn't block iran's path to the bom, it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> what do you see in this deal that he doesn't see? >> i think that the arguments that are being put forward by the prime minister and by opponents of the deal here are simply not grounded in the reality of the facts of what the deal is. the fact is that if there is no deal, if congress rejects it then iran will be precisely in the position that the prime minister and the deal's opponents are worried about 15 or 25 years from now -- >> how so and why? >> because the sanctions regime will collapse. our international partners made
6:42 am
that very clear, it's either this deal or we're not going back to the table. iran will be under no economic pressure. they will kick out the inspectors and have no international verification and they will be free to proceed with their program tomorrow if congress rejects the deal. >> isn't it congress and the united states and the sanctions and pressure they've put on iran that has been the most important standard and the most important pressure on iran? if the united states rach ets up sanctions on unilaterally wouldn't that be an important statement in and of itself? >> that's actually not the case. what makes these sanctions work in the modern economy of the 21st century, when you get international cooperation. the united states going it at a lone is actually ineffective. that's what we tried before the obama administration and it didn't work. it was only when the president rallied the entirety of the international community to get behind these sanctions that they had some bite. if we lose the international
6:43 am
community, which came to the table in order to get to a deal because we reject the deal then our own sanctions alone are not going to have the impact that's desired. >> it's great to see you both. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'll talk to a house democrat to find out why she is opposed to the deal. coming up i'll talk with two young dreamers taking their personal and emotional stories on the road in their attempts to push for immigration reform. we'll talk about the dream riders next. but first, in case you missed it we have breaking news in the world of -- hollywood romances, after 40 years together, there you see them power couple kermit the frog and miss piggy have called it quits. they revealed the news yesterday, tweeted out a statementing saying they were going to continue to work together on their new tv show.
6:44 am
i want to know what happened. we'll be back. everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait.
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6:47 am
ask your doctor about lyrica. a group of dreamers is taking its message across the country. the organization includes people who i ammy grated to the u.s. as children and through the deferred action program known as daca and counts on the support of allies. now they've launched a two-week long bus tour called dream riders across america, spanning from nevada down to washington, d.c. and into texas with the next event taking place tomorrow in houston. joining me now are two participants. thank you both for being with me. first let me ask you about the goal of this bus tour. >> thank you, sir. well, we're really excited to embark on this amazing journey. we started out pre-trip in vegas and started out in washington,
6:48 am
d.c. formally ending in texas this week. we're on our eighth or ninth day now. it's been amazing so far engaging with our communities and talking about racial injustice and talking about immigration reform, talking about sichkcivic engagement. >> tell me about your journey, you're originally born in thailand. tell me your story. >> okay, so i was born in thailand, you got that. thank you for knowing. and in 2009 i moved to the united states with my aunt and uncle because my cousin had a baby. initially the plan was for my cousin to adopt me and sponsor me for citizenship but the lawyer had some problem with the international child abduction law. so he did not do anything about it and just left my case alone until i became undocumented. so that's pretty much my story. that happened in 2010 one year right after i came to the states and ever since then i've been
6:49 am
struggling but i've been meeting a lot of people and has been helping me out a lot and learning a lot. it's been a great journey. >> and thailand is one of those countries where if you want to immigrate, there's a 99 year wait or something. it's so complicated. saba, why did you decide to get involved? >> this is where life led me. i'm a passionate american american without papers but american in heart in every way possible. this is where my american journey has led me because i want to engage with young people across the united states and south and it's been wonderful so far. >> what do you want to see happen? we talk about immigration reform. the fact is that there are a lot of people living in the united states who are here without documents and what do you want to see happen? >> well you see the trend that we've been seeing and what we have now come to believe
6:50 am
throughout our journey and throughout sharing stories is that we think that racial injustice is at the core of the lack of we feel really passionate about that. we feel like history is repeating itself. it's 1961 1964 1965 all over again even though it's 2015. it's the same time of movement just regarding immigration reform now. >> what do you want to see happen? there are people here. for example, bo came here and overstayed the vizsa. these are people here illegally. how should this problem be solved? >> i think congress should come up with a bipartisan way to tackle this problem. for example, the comprehensive immigration reform i think our nation desperately needs that. that's what we'd like to see. >> thank you both for being with
6:51 am
me. it's always i know what you're saying the road trip you don't know how many days you've been on. it's fun and at the same time draining. thank you both. >> thank you. >> take care. >> more questions and answers this morning in that deadly circus tent collapse in new hampshire hampshire. most of those questions directed at the circus operator. we'll have the latest on the operation, next. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack,
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6:54 am
developing now in new hampshire, circus operators of this deadly tent collapse are facing tough questions this morning. officials want know whiep theyy they decided to put on a show monday night despite impending weather. a father and his young daughter died that night. 30 other spectators were also injured. ron allen has more on the
6:55 am
investigation. >> reporter: this morning investigators are placing the blame square rily on the walker brothers circus now saying they didn't have the proper permit to set up the massive big top. >> is that a criminal violation? >> we need to look at the statute in detail before i can say whether it falls into that category or not. >> very happy. very energetic. loved everything. >> reporter: jonathan young lost his sister just six and his dad when the circus tent was destroyed by a microburst. winds gusting up to possibly 90 miles an hour. thunder, hail. >> the beam came down on my father and krshcrushed his skull. he was protecting my little sister. >> reporter: then there are survivors who escaped with her son while her mom was pinned
6:56 am
under a huge beam and hospitalized with head and neck injuries and other bumps and bruises. >> her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. i'm hoping she'll be all right. >> ron allen, reporting. thanks. coming up the man accused of killing a memphis police officer goes before a judge for his arraignment. a disturbing piece of video watched by millions as a woman yells at a mother for speaking spanish with her family at a restaurant. hear from the son of the woman being targeted in the dramatic confrontation. this has gotten more than 11 million views. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro... when you go this summer,
6:57 am
go to the new and when you stay twice get a free $50 gift card. book now at ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling.
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. good morning. the expected arraignment on monday after nearly two day man
7:00 am
hunt. he's accused of killing officer shawn bolton saturday night. we'll keep you updated on the very latest development here. let's turn to france now. experts today will examine the part of the boeing triple 7 the part of the wing found last week. officials say we could get an answer in next couple of days on whether this fragment is part of malaysia airline flight mh-370 that disappeared last year. the plane veered off course with 239 people on board. bill neely is in southern france with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, jose. the experts are inside this specialist defense lab analyzing that aircraft part that was picked up from the beach in
7:01 am
reunion last week. we know that part is from a boeing triple 7. the expert will have two questions to answer. is it from mh-370 and is there anything on it that might be able to tell us how or why that aircraft crashed. the first of those questions will be the easier to answer. the experts will be looking for a serial number or for paint on that wing flap that might help identify if it's from mh-370. there was a serial number on there. that's 657 bb. that's identified as being a boeing part. is there something else that will tell us it's from mh-370 because each manufacturer has special paint and part numbers. the second big question much much more difficult to answer. they will be using state of art technology and machine that can look at magnify damage. 100,000 times. it will look at the damage on
7:02 am
that wing part the tears, rips and see if there's anything that could indicate the speed that the aircraft was doing when it hit the water. has it disentegrated completely because it went in like that or is it perhaps in tact because it went in that sort of direction and the flap came off and remained intact. there's also some biology involved in this. there were barnacles or shells on that piece of wing flap. they will be using techniques to work out the temperature of the water and the chemical conditions of the water. that might pinpoint more closely where the aircraft is. one expert told us however, that we shouldn't expect miracles from what's going on in here. we may get the answer to was it mh-370 reasonably quickly, maybe this week. all those other questions it will take weeks, perhaps months or at least until the two black
7:03 am
box flight recorders are finally found. jose. >> bill in south of france. thank you very much. now to a developing story in california. the largest wildfire burning north of san francisco is destroying more homes but firefighters say they are making some progress. the huge blaze has been burning for about a week now. charred up to 67,000 acres. nbc is at the scene. any new evacuations? >> reporter: good morning. not new evacuation orders but some new evacuations. a lot of people in the town of clear lake which is about 15,000 people a lot of those people decided to heed the evacuation orders that they've been under for about a week because there was a forecast that the fire was about to turn and come toward the town. they actually did open up one additional evacuation center yesterday. that's a total of three at some
7:04 am
secondary middle schools in town here that are quite full. people looking for other places to go now that their homes are technically and officially evacuated. some more news on the fire this morning. we did get just a new updated number. 1300 additional acres burned overnight. we don't know if that's updated or new burn. they're saying 68,300 acres burned now. they also updated the number of homes. they say 39 homes burned in the initial days of this fire. these are not new structures that burned in the last day or duobut two but the updated numbers. crews have been able to get in and assess the damage. they say a total of 39 homes burned. they are very optimistic that the turn in the weather we have seen in the last few hour the cooler temperature, the higher humidity is going to really allow them to make some end roads. this fire has been moving so
7:05 am
erratically in the last week. it's exactly the one week mark today and they are hoping within the next few days they will make some very good progress on those containment lines. they will be air dropping via helicopter some hand crews in to go do the really heavy work in the brush. it's safe enough they feel they can drop some people in to build those containment lines without danger of the fire turning on them. that's the situation here this morning. it's still very dire in this community but it looks like the next few days could turn things around. jose. >> let's hope so. thank you very much for being with me this morning. turning the politics. all eyes on ohio. beginning today, 2016 republican candidates coming to cleveland ahead of tomorrow's debate. here are the top ten. donald trump, jeb bush, scott
7:06 am
walker chris christie. taking the last two spots for the main debate. republicans are pouring huge resources into ohio given how crucial it is during the general election. no gop candidate has won the white house without carrying the buck eye state. with me is ken blackwell who is with the family research council. thank you for being with me. >> good to be with you. >> republicans putting a lot into ohio. they are holding their nominating convention in cleveland next year. will this make a difference election day 2016? >> i think as you just mentioned no republican has won the white house without carrying ohio. while that lock might be picked sometimes in the future i don't think this election will do it. the question will be how you run a ground game in ohio. in the final p analysisl analysis is who gets out their vote.
7:07 am
all the attention and focus is merited. the final analysis will be who can execute their ground game in ohio. >> what are some of the parts of ohio that make it different from any other part of the country? what does the ground game have to focus on? >> well first, 88 counties and it's a microcosm of the country. the west side you have a little kansas. up in cleveland you have the east coast. columbus you have middle america. cincinnati is more like atlanta than new york. one, understanding that and just how you play the media markets. seven to eight major media markets are so important. when it gets down to crunch time it's going to be who can speak to a variety of constituents across the state but in the final analysis it's who can get
7:08 am
their folks out. let me just say all of this early jockeying has increased interest, and i think it's increased engagement. as you know as one who follows social media, this combination of cable station and social media outlet participating and encouraging participation in this early debate has created a lot of interest. some of it informative. some of it entertainment. >> how important do you think these televised debates can be? >> i think they can be very very important. let me say that everybody has sort of margin alized first debate. if i was running one of the campaigns i would think it might not be all that bad to be in the
7:09 am
early debate where you can set the table. >> why? >> set the table and influence the discussion in the second debate. if you have a social media strategy that can carry forts one that sound bite that you're establishing the first debate and a focus on an issue that you're strong on. >> do you think the fact that trump is in the second debate will be so much more focused on either what he says doesn't say what people say about him or don't say about him, that the first debate will not have that same pressure? >> absolutely. i think it's going to be fascinating when you stop to think in that second debate 9:00 debate when your partial out the time of exposure it probably comes down to seven and a half, eight minutes a piece. it's an opportunity to make a first impression but i think the victor of that debate will be
7:10 am
who can marshal resources in the post-debate using social media unless that person has made a gaffe that they have to work to overcome. >> former ohio secretary state ken blackwell, thank you for being with me this morning. >> good to be with you, sir. let me bring in democratic congressman tim ryan who represents northeast ohio. great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> what's the one thing you want these republican candidates to say or hear when they come to cleveland tomorrow? >> well i just want them to be in cleveland. i think it's important for the ohio voters to see what it is they're talking about. i think the more ohioans see them up close and personal the more i think democratic candidate and the democratic message will really resonate. secretary blackwell had one thing right, there's a lot of excitement. that's within the republican party right now, but everybody else looking at this is seeing a
7:11 am
reality tv star and a handful of other people that keep saying outrageous things just to get on that stage. >> congressman, talk to me about and i want to get your response to what i was asking him about ohio. what are some of the things that -- how is ohio different from the last election and the one before that? going forward, what is the ground game have to include for a state so important as ohio? >> ohio is all about wages, working people and how to reduce the anxiety and the stress that average people are feeling today because of this huge economic squeeze with the economic and equality issue and everything else that's going on. that to me is the main issue. that's a thread that cuts across all the different demographics and the different regions of the state. they're going to be looking very closely and the voters who will be motivated to go out and vote
7:12 am
will be the ones who will support a candidate that has a message and a plan that resonates with them. how is this going to help their family. how can this candidate or the next president of the united states increase wages for them? make sure they have health care security for their children. the candidate that has that message, that resonates with the people, that's the motivating factor for a lot of people that will or will not go to the polls or who or who they will not vote for. >> congressman, i want to get your thoughts on the iran deal the nuclear deal we were commenting earlier on about the president is making major push. being very specific to explain what he is and not in this deal. how do you fall on that? >> well i'm still studying it. this is a crucial vote for us in the united states congress. a very complicated issue. we are looking, i've had numerous briefings in the last
7:13 am
week when we were in washington, d.c. i have a pile of materials that i'm still going through and reading. talking to people who have been involved in the negotiations. talking to different people who are on different sides of this issue. i've not made a decision yet. i think we're all in agreement, one we want to make sure we protect israel. that's a critical component. one, we want to make sure that iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon. those are two real essential elements that i'm looking very closely at. again, it's very complicated, but i will tell you there's been a lot invested into this deal. you don't have these opportunities very often. i'm going to look real closely but haven't come down one way or the other just yet. >> tim ryan in youngstown. thank you for being with me. pleasure to see you. >> great to be with you. coming up we're going to keep tram of developmentsprak track of developments in a
7:14 am
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7:17 am
many republicans say the first things they're going to do as the nominee is to work to expand the party. if our recent nbc wall street poll is any indication, thaifr got a lot of work to do. the current front-runner donald trump is getting bad reviews. 61% say they have a very negative view of him. 69% says his candidacy is hurting the republican party brand. news night mr. fox reiterated that he would force mexico to pay for wall on the border with the united states. >> the great wall of china built
7:18 am
a long time ago is 13,000 miles. you're talking about big stuff. we're talking a peanuts comparison to that. mexico will pay for the wall. i will make sure it gets done properly. >> do you know why they built the great wall of china? who they wanted to keep out? >> lots of people. >> the mongul hordes. you credit me for giving you that answer. >> joining me now is matt bereto. good to see you. we've heard these comments from donald trump. he said he's doing very well with the latinos and they love him and when he brings jobs to america, they'll love him more. this one poll shows differently. where is the reality? >> i think that he may have a couple of friends or supporters or allies but they're in the very, very small minority. as you said in the nbc telemundo
7:19 am
poll, there's only 13% who had a favorable impression of him and 75% who had a negative impression. these are stark numbers. far worse than mitt romney's standing ever was. i think his comments and his inability to stop making them continues to contribute to his very poor standing with latino voters which will be a critical swing electorate in the swing election. >> 13% of those polled latino said they would support. they think he's doing a great job and support him. talk to him about why you think that the latino electorate even matters and why does it matter in november of 2016 and why does it matter coming up in january, february march and april and all the other months coming up? >> that's a very good point. we're really talking about the impact of november of 2016 so why are we talking about that now? we know all the comments that
7:20 am
the candidates state in these interviews will be on the record. they will be remembered and used again in 2016. it's never too early whether it's for latino voters or subgroup to pay attention and see what the candidates do. they can't undo the damage that they're doing right now when they call for deportations and the end of family migration. whatever their policies are, they're going on record in front of our community and stating what they believe their policies will be. while sit early -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt. you hear a lot i'll pivot. they'll be able to pivot later. >> they've tried that before. we've seen that in the last two cycles with john mccain and with romney both staking out positions far to the right in the primary. they have been unable to pivot. romney has come and stayed with him. all those comments about self- self-deport and opposing the dream act, these things stayed
7:21 am
with him. latin latino voters did not forget that. >> what can we expect in 201066, as far as how many latino voters will turn out? >> i think you're seeing continued growth. we're expecting it to pass 13 million in 2016. it's growing everywhere. it's growing in nevada colorado and florida. very critical states. it's also growing in ohio. the latino vote is growing there as rapidly as almost anywhere. we're seeing that vote increase. it's inching up in every state and becoming more crucial that the candidates both democrat and republican, have a policy they have a plan. they know how to do outreach to this community. if they're trying to attack immigrants in the primary that's not going to be a successful policy come november 2016. >> we're talking about 13 million u.s. registered voters
7:22 am
to decide to vote. why is it important, do you think, when you talk about the undocumented, a lot of people tell me those are two different communities. you have the undocumented and the latinos that vote. they're not related. >> that's a very common misperception. when you look at surveys and polls, the polls that we've conducted we found that overwhelmingly, over 60 65% of people who are voting of latinos voting are personally acquainted with an undocumented immigrant. often times it's someone in their family. it might be parent or cousin or uncle or sibling. there's a lot of family these communities are integrated at the family level, at the community level. latinos don't separate undocumented documented u.s. born. these are all people in our community who are in our families. when candidates try to do that when they say i don't like illegal immigrants that doesn't play well in the latino community because we know that
7:23 am
these folks are all integrated. that's something that the candidates need to remember and voters latino voters are remembering that and paying close attention to this debate coming up. >> matt latino decisions. it's been a while since i chatted with you. i missed you. >> thank you. >> take care. up next we'll zoom through some of the other stories making news about tom brady's deflate-gate testimony. the senate banking committee weighing the iran nuclear deal. this ahead of president obama's address on the issue about an hour from now. we'll have more on this. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route.
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7:27 am
deflate-gate after the complete transcript was revealed from tom brady. he testified he never asked anyone to alter footballs in any way after he approved them. he said he routinely destroyed his cell phone so his personal details wouldn't become player. coming up, less than an hour from now president obama delivers a major speech. he'll speak live at american university. he chose that location for a very specific reason. i'll tell you why. so this beauty can be yours with a down payment and 10% financing. oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? it is a good deal for america, a good deal for israel a good deal for the world, and i say to you all respectively, it deserves your support. >> that was under secretary wendy sherman at a senate
7:31 am
hearing. she worked on the deal along side john kerry in vienna. less than an hour from now president obama makes his case for the deal at american university in washington. he's expected to frame this as the most important foreign policy debate as the decision to go to war in iraq over a decade ago. the president said the deal is the best way to stop a nuclear arms race short of going to war. he picked american university for a reason. it's the same place where president kennedy made his case for diplomacy with the enemies in 1963. he was then talking about the soviet union. >> let us not be bind to our differences, but let us also direct attention to our common interests and the means by chp those differences can be resolved. >> good morning. what are we expecting from the president today? >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. in addition to the president laying out the argument that
7:32 am
this is the most critical foreign policy debate since the iraq war, the president is going to lay out details for why he thinks this is the best al alternative for going to war with iran. he's going to make the case that this should not be a close call. this deal has the most comprehensive inspections and transparency regime we've negotiated. cuts off all of iran's pathways to a bomb and includes a permanent prohibition on iran obtaining a nuclear weapon. to put this into the larger context, this is part of the president's broader campaign to sell the iran nuclear deal. yesterday he met here at the white house with jewish leaders for about two hours. there were a lot of different opinions. some there staunchly opposed to this deal. they argue this could threaten israel's security. president said just the opposite
7:33 am
is the case. this deal makes them more secure and the region. there's a lot of skepticism on capital hill. that's the key goal. congress will vote on this deal. the white house, president obama trying to secure a veto proof majority so this deal is upheld. to do it he needs to get a number of key democrats on board. democrats are divided. some support this deal, others are opposed. the president has his work cut out for him. if you look at the opinion polls, that tells the number. americans still sharply divided over this deal. 35% support the deal. 33% say they don't support the deal and 32% say they're unopposed. that's fantastic. the president fighting an uphill battle but some of those undecided lawmakers on board.
7:34 am
i'm told that you can expect to see this type of outreach this type of campaigning right up until congress takes this up in september. jose. >> thank you very much. despite be president's public push for this deal he's lost some ground over the past 24 hours with his own party. new york congresswoman grace mang is one of six and announced her opposition before all but one of them did. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> you said have every confidence that a better deal can be realized. what makes you think so? >> i think a better deal with be negotiated. no one is saying we don't want a
7:35 am
good deal. there's concerns i have about this deal that worry me about america and global security. the 24-day inspections that are in place, in agreement right now is something that's way too long and gives room for iran to potentially hide materials to build a nuclear weapon. this is something that is of great concern to me. the money that it would free up for iran to continue to fund terrorist groups like hezbollah and hamas are groups that have killed americans is something that concerns me as well. >> congresswoman, talk to me about the theory or the what's been thrown out there which is essentially it's this deal or if it's not this deal the possibility existing it would lead to war with iran. >> i don't believe that. i don't agree with that narrative either. this agreement if it goes
7:36 am
forward would free up money for terrorist groups. this deal would also leave in place after about ten years nuclear infrastructure that would allow them to continue to do the bad things that they are doing. it would make available to them more weapons and more missiles as well. i don't agree with that narrative. >> what would you want to deal with iran to include a necessary issue in order for you to support something like that? >> i think that right now if the deal were to go through within four to six months the sanctions would be lifted and they would be free to use a lot of the money whether it's the amounts of 56 billion, as we've heard, up to 150 billion. that's something that really worries me. another thing is the inspections process of 24 days. right now this is a process where american inspectors are not even allowed to go in.
7:37 am
certain nuclear experts have said that iran would be able to within 24 days be able to hide materials that would lead to building a nuclear weapon. >> thank you very much for your time. i appreciate your being with me this morning. >> thanks for having me. jurors in the colorado movie theater trial will hear more emotional testimony from victims family members before deciding whether james holmes should get life in prison or the death penalty. he killed 12 and injured 70 others. relatives of those who died are giving victim impact statements in the final part of the penalty phase. alex sullivan was one of those who died and his father spoke to the jury yesterday about the immense loss. >> he was great. maybe every father's dream. as a man you want a son and alex
7:38 am
was my son. he was also my best friend. >> msnbc scott cone outside the courthouse. what are we expected to hear today? >> reporter: we're expecting as many as nine more family members on top of the seven that we heard from yesterday with more raw and emotional testimony. yesterday we heard also from sandra phillips who lost her daughter in the attack and she described the impact of the loss of her daughter. >> i have ptsd. my brain is mush. i can't retain things like i used to. i'm not as organized as i used to be. i cry every day still. probably always will. >> the youngest victim of the
7:39 am
massacre was six years old. she was the last to die. the prosecution has handled each phase of this case on her. it's expected to be very emotional as they wrap up this today. >> it's so tough to hear. you feel pain and loss of these people will feel for the rest of their lives. any idea when the jury will decide life or death for holmes? >> reporter: we expect we'll get to closing arguments sometimes tomorrow. it's not clear yet. we expect to hear what the defense plans to do as well as whether we'll hear from james holmes himself. if we get closing arguments the jury could deliberate right away or on friday with the potential very soon of coming to that verdict, life in prison or the death penalty for james holmes. >> thank you very much. now to a fascinating story about human trafficking and allegations that the reality of what's happening is being obscured. every year the united states puts out a report that ranks
7:40 am
countries according to how they fight the practice of illegally moving people typically for forced labor or sexual exploitation. the idea is to use bad rankings to pressure countries into changing their ways. a new reuters report suggested politics are playing a role. the state department's human rights analysts were repeatedly overruled by senior political staffers when it came to countries like china, cuba malaysia mexico and others all of them ending up with better grades than the analyst determined to give them. despite that the state department said the rankings process is fact based and not influenced by political considerations. reuters correspondent co-wrote the special report. thank you for being with me. >> thank you very much. >> explain to me what exactly
7:41 am
you found. >> first of all, the dynamic here is that an office set up within the state department has the responsibility to independently assess country by country, performances against human trafficking. these recommendations then go to the state department headquarters the center of gravity of u.s. diplomacy for final decisions. this year the most controversial decisions were cuba and malaysia. in the case of malaysia both countries were upgraded from the blacklist, the lowest ranking despite the objections of the anti-trafficking bureau. >> talk to me about -- go ahead. i'm sorry. >> in the case of cuba this helps to clear another major attempt in burgeoning u.s. cuba detente. in the case of malaysia it smooths the path to participate in the transpacific partnership,
7:42 am
a signature trade deal that president barack obama is negotiating. >> let's talk about the situation in cuba and malaysia china and others. there is a group of men and women that are charged because of their expertise with determining exactly how problematic countries are and how they deal with their own people. they're the ones that independently put out the recommendations and when you say it gets to the state department who is it that then decides to change what the experts that have specific know how have determined, have ruled? >> first of all, the recommendations are received at the state department. the powerful regional bureaus that are at the center of power at the state headquarters then weigh in with their counter arguments. the final decisions are made at the very top. in the case by tony blinken,
7:43 am
wendy sherman and by secretary of state john kerry. >> very quickly, cuba and malaysia had been on the blacklist on the bottom wrung for years and years and years. what changed? >> there was a difference of opinion between the analyst at the anti-trafficking office and the higher ups at the state department. the analysts themselves made the point that in the case of cuba that very little had been done. the numbers of human trafficking convictions were actually only slightly higher. that dismissed that as insignificant. they raised concerns about the continuing health missions abroad that has won a great popularity for cuba in the third world over the years.
7:44 am
in the case of malaysia they also felt that very little had been done to improve their record but in both cases, the superiors at state department overruled them. >> and for the first time on these two countries overruled them. thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. up next, a shocking story out of los angeles lighting up social media. a latino mother berated for speaking spanish all caught on camera. we'll talk about this one when we come back.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
when a woman demanded them to stop speaking spanish and ordered them to speak english. she said he shot this video although he's not sure if the woman was aware she was being recorded. >> we speak english. >> i speak english. i speak english okay. >> do you want the russians over here telling you what to do? do you want the nazis what to do? >> that's what you're doing to my mom. she's specking english. she's not perfect. you can't do that. >> we have freedom of speech. >> attempts by nbc and msnbc to identify the woman have been unsuccessful. this week he joins me. good to see you. >> you as well. >> what do they tell you? >> it was a tough conversation to have with them because there's so much emotion behind it. he said he was shocked and in the city of los angeles, when you think about how many
7:49 am
different languages are spoken here on every street corner and every restaurant little on the international house of pancake, she was shocked he was sitting there and experiencing this and in this day and age where everyone has a cell phone, of course the first thing he did was grab his and start rolling. he was concerned about the way his mom was reacting because she was getting so upset and so angry over all this. they were having a private conversation waiting to have his birthday dinner at the ihop there when the woman he says just interrupted them and said they should not speak spanish and only speak english even in private conversation. however, if you watch the video as many time as it's been seen online he's incredibly calm through all of that. i asked him specifically about how he was able to stay calm. he said it had to do with the fact his mom was so angry and so upset. her emotional state led him to be so calm because he thought there was no other way to get through to this woman. here is what he said to tell us. >> inside i was upset. i got more upset when my mom
7:50 am
started to cry. it wasn't for my mom to cry to a stranger. this is los angeles. even the name of the city is in spanish. it's los angeles. she shouldn't be mad or interrupting families for whatever language they're speaking. >> one of the things we did ask him was if he had that opportunity to talk to that woman again, is there something he would say? would he do something different? he said the only thing he would do is apologize for what had happened. he said on her side she wasn't feeling too well. she was emotion mallal as all this was happening. we would want to make that point come across again. but it shouldn't be up to her how he speaks whatever language. >> thank you. it's great to see you. this is video has gotten 16 million hits already. i'm glad that i have someone on the show with two weird last names together because i'm not the only one. >> thanks. >> take care. i want to tell you about
7:51 am
some breaking news coming in from us from mississippi. soldiers reporting shots fired in the air. both incidents the shooter is described as a white male in a red pickup truck. the camp shelby joint forces training center on a heightened state of alert. no one was hurt. we will keep you posted on this story and we will be right back. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. just in case you were wondering what cheerios are made of whole. grain. oats.
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we're one year away from the summer olympics in rio. before the games the city inspired several things. number one, at the copa. the best known songs of all time inspired by conversation at the copacabana hotel. it was released in 1978. another musical inspiration, number two, duran duran's album
7:55 am
rio. first released 1982 in the second week of release. number three the vegas hotel, the brazilian city brought its influence to vegas. the rio all suite hotel and casino. number four, rio the animated musical film released in 2011. it was followed by two other great films. the angry birds rio edition. it's influencing movies and infiltrated the gaming world. released as a marketing tie in around the rio and rio 2 movies. that doesn't include my old time favorite record. oh how lovely. frank sinatra did a version of that too. that wraps up the "the rundown."
7:56 am
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gear up for school. gear up for great. right now on news nation opinion, the stage is set for the first republican debate. it's not without controversy. questions over how the top ten were determined and how the most recent polling information wasn't used. president obama ups the stakes on the battle to get democrats to support the iran nuclear deal. the white house says it's the most consequential foreign policy debate since the war in iraq. a live speech from the president this hour. why the fbi is looking into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. who or what the agency is investigating.
8:00 am
good morning, everyone. we begin with the stage now set for tomorrow night's republican presidential debate. questions are emerging about whether ohio governor john kascich should have made the final cut. he barely inched out rick perry. many are pointing to the polls used in fox news's debate selection criteria. the process was based on the average of the five most recent national polls as recognized by fox. rachel maddox made this observation regarding how the polls were measured. >> the fifth most recent national poll was this one. this is the nbc wall street journal poll. they polled people up through thursday. that's the fifth most recent national poll. fox news just didn't use that po


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